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Blog Gue: Blog App for Android

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Blog Gue: Blog App for Android - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Blog Gue is a blog application for Android. It will show RSS feed of your blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Youtube Channel, and contact form. It is easy to setup, just insert urls of them and change some images, and this app will be ready to use.

it will help your blog visitor to stay connect with your blog.


This app has some features. they are:

  • Show RSS Feed of Your Blog

    This app will show the latest post of your blog with RSS Feed from wordpress or any rss feed service such as FeedBurner.

  • Integrated with Social Media

    This app also integrate with some favorite social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

  • With Contact Form

    If users of your app are interested with what you do in your blog they can send you an email in this app.

  • Designed for Multiple Screen Support

    run weel in smartphone and tablet.

  • Easy to Customize

    the easy way to make this app work and meet your need is only by changing the urls and some images.

  • User Guide Include

    To help you customizing this app, i provide a user guide file inside this package. contents of user guide are:

    • About the File
    • Getting Started
    • Importing the Project and Running It
    • Inserting Urls
    • Changing Color and Application Name
    • Changing Logo, Menu Icon, and Application Icon
    • Adding Email Account
    • Renaming Application Package
    • Compiling the Application

After Purchase Support

The only way to get support of pongodev item is via pongodev support forum, The reason we use forum for the support instead of other places because:

  1. Since most of the questions are asked over and over again a searchable forum will make it possible for buyer to get quick answer of their problem without need to wait for our response.
  2. People can’t respond to each other at codecanyon to help each other out, while we are busy with other tasks.
  3. It is very inconvenient for us to check multiple places if support requests where made (here at codecanyon, our codecanyon mail account, our website mail account, facebook group, twitter etc). Therefore we decided to channel those requests at one place and make it available to everyone so all of buyers can benefit.

Update Info

Version 2.1

  • multiple screen support

Version 2.0

in this version there are some features which have been added and fixed, such as:

  • feed detail which can be viewed in two ways within the app with navigation and share button and via browser
  • navigation button of Facebook and Twitter page has been improved to get better navigation
  • Youtube page issue which also have been fixed. This page now comes in list that show the feed of your youtube video and can play the video via Youtube app

Rate it if you like it

when you are purchasing this app, don’t forget to give a rate if you think this app is awesome.

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2 June 12

Last Update:
17 February 13

Files Included:

Software Version:
Android 2.1, Android 2.2, Android 2.3, Android 2.3.3, Android 2.3.4, Android 2.3.6, Android 2.3.7


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