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CSS / Buttons

Beauttons - Beautiful CSS3 Buttons

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Beauttons - Beautiful CSS3 Buttons - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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This project was actually on my todo list. I’ve created a couple of buttons to a client website a few months ago. Those buttons had the same idea of a icon and text. Although they did not worked like these ones, I got this idea of redoing them properly, add (a lot) more icons and a few colors more. After a week I ended up with this magnificent set – Beauttons

So here are all the features:

  • 20 different colour schemes.
  • 60 different icons (Only one file).
  • 2 different icon positions.
  • Icon free button option.
  • Double text button.
  • 2 different double text positions.
  • 2460 different button combinations.
  • Works on Links and Buttons.
  • Clean and superb indented code.
  • Included full HTML manual with all colours and all icons.
  • Included Fireworks PNG with the 60 icons and 48 more empty spaces.

Package included files:

  • CSS File with 55Kb (All colors).
  • ONE flattened PNG file with 60 icons.
  • ONE FireWorks PNG file with 60 layered icons and space for more 48 icons.
  • Three html files with all examples
  • </ull>

    Credits: All icons used in this project are from Fam Fam Fam

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15 October 11

Last Update:

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
HTML, CSS, Layered PNG

Software Version:


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