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AXE - Any Xml Editor

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AXE - Any Xml Editor - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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1211 Accented chars encoding issue fixed January Same named nodes deletion issue fixed

Minor bugs fixed October Improved WYSIWYG control Better image select inside the edittx 2012

Google spacenames nodes supported Nodes like Google feeds will detected and loaded AXE graphic theme full color customization Because dark gray green are favorite colors maybe not Gone parent nodes AXE will able manage mastemctdes any position Customizable language panel transalte main interface commands according with enduser preference Added datepicker field option complete with customizable date form parameter awesome working examples Nivo slidersample with complete customizable parameters Mini website manager with basic css customization panel! 2012

AXE xml editor UPDATE 9-July-2012: Now you can ADD and DELETE nodes. Each new node can be positioned before or after one of the previous.

AXE xml editor UPDATE 2-July-2012: Now you can load images & docs. Each node can be associated with image manager and used as an uploader!Auto-dedicated upload folder for each xml file. Each.xml file has a dedicated (and autogenerated) upload folder! Tinymce wysiwyg and imagemanager. Added TinyMCE as wysiwyg editor.

AXE is a very flexible online XML editor built in Php. The only server requirement to run is Php 5.2 or above and SimpleXml installed.

UUU : Unpack > Upload > Use

Perfect to be integrated into any existing project based on xml files

AXE is a very flexible php online XML editor.
It’s designed to allow anyone to manage complex data without SQL, in fact the.xml itself is a database.
The basic idea is to combine an xml parser and a cms, so you can manage a simple xml node content as if it were a wysiwyg editor, a file uploader, a select dropdown, a color picker, an iphone styled switch, even a content separator!

What you get is an xml fueled interface that allows to manage rich data without any need for sql.

In addition the system uses a classical xml viewer approach, with tabs representing the parent nodes so we can handle very complex nested data.
So take a look and invest 5 minutes to read the documentation, because this is a system that could really change the way you work.
Think of the possibilities: an xml online editor that works out of the box, ready in 2 minutes and is compatible with any standard xml file…

Main features of this xmleditor:

  • Built in double access level : admin (can edit config+xml files) and simple user (can edit xml files only)
  • Xml files secured from direct loading (with.htaccess)
  • Ajax Load and Save.xml data
  • Can edit any standard XML file (up to 3000 nodes) and 10 depth levels (expandable)
  • Can add nodes, each new node can be positioned before or after any existing node
  • Can delete nodes
  • Can edit multiple node attributes
  • Manage multiple nodes with same name (<item></item> <item></item> <item></item>)
  • No need of CDATA, content will be saved with entities
  • Customizing field option, any field can be represented as text input / select dropdown / onoff switch / wysiwyg area + image manager / uploader+ image manager / color picker / separator
  • Automatic best-input display, based on node content detection (for example a node containing #ffffff will be auto displayed as color-picker)
  • Can manage a tooltip message associated to each node (useful to build inline help interfaces)
  • Can manage node element width
  • Responsive, each element is percent width adaptive
  • Easy to use interface, with inline help system
  • Install in 10 seconds, basic version (without TinyMCE) is less than 170 kb, just upload and use it!

try-online-demo-editor-xml read-documentation-xml-editor-online

Filetree Around books.xmt parts.xmL simpLe.xmt weather.xmt select one the filetree the left ffJ step login

You are fontine It111e keywords any user psubthte introduction AcIEParaaraoh step load.xml.4XE AnyXmlEdltci Now you can select xml file from Filetree load

step node customizing With few dicks you can assig simple xml node! complex fields Node will rendered Node title custom the node representation with additionaL attribute axeraa attribute. nput type stil fNode titlej Node wilt rendered divider title trt text you from Description field UpLoad function When node used upLoad wysiwyg, folder with the same name the xml file Ipreceded underscore wiLl created, for example with you will get folder the same directory where the.xmtfile is. Node wiLl rendered Node wilt rendered upload Node will rendered select upload switch color wysiwyg divider Node wilt rendered color Node wilt rendered



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26 June 12

Last Update:
21 January 14

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
PHP 5.0 - 5.2, PHP 5.3


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