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Apartment Real Estate iPhone Full App xCode5 iOS7

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Apartment Real Estate iPhone Full App xCode5 iOS7 - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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now xCode 5 and iOS7 support

xCode source files easy-to-edit-apartment-real-estate-iphone-app

xCode with advanced search features for xCode iPhone app

HD Full resolution xCode video tutorials included in the package

Use preset colors or creat your own customized colors through our easy to use color switcher package

Live data and use of Google Map to locate your properties and agents


  • iOS 7 Support
  • Runs on xCode 5
  • All previous versions included
  • High Quality Professional Designs
  • Full Native xCode Project
  • Easy to Update and Customize
  • All iPhone Resolutions
  • ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) Implementation to Prevent Memory Leaks
  • Storyboard
  • Gallery View
  • List View
  • Map View
  • Local or Web-based Data Source
  • XML Data = Human Understandable
  • Sample XML Data Available
  • Detailed Video Tutorials on How to Update and Manage xCode Project
  • Icon Maker (PSD)
  • Splash Pagemaker (PSD)
  • Call Phone Trigger
  • 5 Tabs for Maximum Page Navigation
  • One Config File to Control Themes and Data Sources


  • Added: Dot on your Current Location
  • List Properties Near Your Current Location
  • Detect Your Current Location
  • Company Profile
  • Reactive Map-to-List and List-to-Map interaction


  • 320×480 (iPhone 3)
  • 640×960 (iPhone 4) Retina
  • 640×1136 (iPhone 5) Retina


  • Splash Page
  • Opening Page
  • Featured View
  • Search Page with List View and Filter
  • Featured Page with List View
  • Apartment Details
  • Apartment Details with Photos
  • Apartment Details with Map
  • Apartment Details with Reviews
  • Contact
  • Map with Apartment List
  • Map with Agency List
  • Cities Page
  • Agent Page Different Design from Profile and Details


 Version 1.28 - 1st March 2014 (Just Updated) * Full iOS 7 support * Cleaned deprecated code * Advanced search to display proper results (Fixed) * Color on header from blue to white Version 1.24 - 14th November 2013 * iOS 7 support * Runs on xCode 5 * Backward compatible to iOS 6 Version 1.23 - 13th June 2013 * Fallback to non-retina if retina images are not available * Go to near me tab but falls to other available tab if list is empty * When clicking on a city on my city it automatically goes to the first tab (apartments) rather than stay on the same page Version 1.21 - 13th May 2013 Advanced Search * City * Number of Bedrooms * Number of Bathrooms * Minimum Price * Maximum Price * Apartment Type Change the Top Right Button to Advanced Search Photo Slide on Flick XML Recreated from Scratch to Include Required Updates Added Information on Details * Number of Bedrooms * Number of Bathrooms * Apartment Type (All, Foreclosures, For Sale, For Rental) Image Swiping Between Array of Images When Viewed, Added Zooming of Image Added PreCaching of Images Once the Search View is Loaded, Download the City List from the XML Add selection in picker view Second Time an Entry is Loaded, Does not Download Anymore Due to Caching When Slider Dots Entry is Limited to 10 Dots, to Avoid Over Display of Dots in the UIView Intro Cover Page used for Promos/Features/Highlights can now be Disabled or Enabled via Config Version 1.16 - 1st May 2013 * ApartmentFinder v1.16 - Revisions and New Features Retina Support for retina images from external sources just add @2x to files Fallback support for non-retina images Header Profile Button now working in all areas and goes to contact List Button now working in all areas and goes to Apartments Footer Changes Profile button to contact Change to phone icon Apartments Text changed from 'City, State, or Zip' to 'Search Apartments' Only searches the lists Near shows results within a radius Empty lists shows 'No Results' My City My City now filters results per city All cities added to remove filters and displays all results Featured Featured Images can now be pressed and shows apartment details Empty lists shows 'No Results' Near shows results within a radius Map Near shows results within a radius Empty lists shows 'No Results' Map clicks moves the list location and vice versa Your current location is now applied to test add - to test go to Debug / Custom Location / Enter LatLong (1.286309, 103.85296) and Choose Los Angeles in My City Contact for App Owner (New) Contents are edited on the file 'profiles.xml' Call us button envokes the phone dialer Email us button envokes the email Apartment Details Loader displays when the data is not yet loaded and temporarily suspends the views Photos now have relationship with apartments xml through <apartmentId>#<apartmentId> Photos slides when pressed then shows larger image. Reviews now have relationship with apartments xml through <apartmentId>#<apartmentId> XML sample data Updated to provide have more flexibility to the results... Added 5 cities x 15 entries per city Removed Profiles Version 1.9b - 10th April 2013 * ApartmentFinder v1.9b - Initial Release 

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10 April 13

Last Update:
2 March 14

Files Included:

Software Version:
iOS 5.0, iOS 5.1, iOS 6.0, iOS 6.1.x, iOS 7.0.x


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