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Android Game Unlocker

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Android Game Unlocker  - Item for Sale


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Game Unlock apps are very popular, but not available for every game yet. Make your own Unlocker for almost any game like Angry Birds but also for racing games like Need for Speed.

Making a game unlock app was never this easy, create your own within 10 minutes now!

You only need a saved game of yourself, or one you find on the internet!


-Load game file from web or assets folder!
-Build in Unzipping and Temporary storage!
-New Holo interface!
-Easy to customize!
-Loading dialog!
-Error handling!
-Installation state!
-Manual and free support!
-Works on (almost) any Android Device!
-Easy and Fast to set up!

Earn money by

-Making a lite and pro version, the pro version can be an unlock that provides more money or unlocks everything 3 stars instead of 1 star!
-Integrating ads in your application!
-Integrating Airpush in your application!

Feel free to contact or comment if you have any questions!

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5 February 13

Last Update:
5 February 13

Files Included:
.java, .xml

Mobile OS:
Android OS 1.5, Android OS 1.6, Android OS 2.1, Android OS 2.2, Android OS 2.3, Android OS 2.3.3, Android OS 2.3.4, Android OS 2.3.6, Android OS 2.3.7, Android OS 3.1, Android OS 3.2, Android OS 4.0, Android OS 4.0.3, Android OS 4.0.4


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