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Akismet Spam Killer for Magento

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Akismet Spam Killer for Magento - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Magento spam killer without CAPTCHA!

We know it cost you a lot time to delete the daily received spam through the contact and product review form.

With our magento Akismet (Automattic Kismet (Akismet for short)) extension for magento no installation of CAPTHA is needed. A CAPTHA is not very user friendly and statics have shown that it can be cracked.

Also you must not install something difficult on your magento front-end like a CAPTHA. Here our „ Akismet spam prevention for magento“ is the best solution to kill the spam. The smart code design of this extension reduce the size of your database entries and all spam messages are saved direct into a local text file.

All about Akismet spam killer for magento

What is Akismet? Akismet is the biggest web service which is trusted by millions of WordPress blogs to help preventing for spam comments and trackbacks by automatically detection.

How does Akismet work? Every time you get a new review or contact message on you magento shop we submit this first to the web service of Akismet which makes hundreds of different tests to prove if it is spam or not. The result is that you don´t waste your time by moderating and deleting spam in your magento backend.

How to get Akismet API key? For using the Akismet API you need a Akismet API key. To get the API key you can sign up a free account at: Important note: We recommend to spend a bit to help this great service paying there servers and developers, its a great service! Take a look at the Akismet Plan at:


1. Extract zip archive and copy contents to the app/folder of your Magento installation

2. Clearing the cache? System? Cache Management

3. Login/Logout from Backend to reload the cache

4. Create a Akismet account (free ) for the API key.

5. Go to System -> Con!guration - > MGT -COMMERCE.COM—> Akismet and enter the Akismet API key

6. Save the settings and test the api key

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14 July 12

Last Update:
14 July 12

Compatible Browsers:
IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento 1.3.*

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