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PHP Scripts / Forms

Ajax PHP Login Register Activate Recover System

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Ajax PHP Login Register Activate Recover System - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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UPDATED! (v 2.0)

This is a Login, Register, Recover Password, Account Activation, Resent Account Activation Code system using Ajax and PHP.

It can be placed in any website using html and php.

All ajax requests are being done through the process.php file.

It includes:

  • Facebook Login integration
  • Full Ajax for no page reloads sending back JSON formatted string because its easier to read, manipulate…
  • using the jQuery Library
  • Using Classes with OOP style of code for easier reading, maintenance and upgrading
  • Any errored inputs are being shown with red borders while correct with green.
  • Error Messages are animated
  • Animated Sliding through forms
  • Main Navigation Page of the user
  • Administration Panel to add/edit/delete users
  • View Users Statistics
  • Add Picture on Profile
  • Login System
  • Register System
  • Recover Password System
  • Activate Account System on Sign up
  • Resenting activation code if you forgot/lost it
  • Its Secure
  • It does not use any images except the close button of the popup window
  • You can show the popup pages via 3 ways.
    • Slide In/Out
    • Fade In/Out
    • Hide Page, show loader and show the page
  • It has a friendly User Interface
  • Documented code
  • Code can be extended in order to add more fields or anything else.


    2.0 (25.10.2013)

    • Updated Design
    • Fixed some database connection issues
    • Added support to log in via Facebook Login
    • You can enable/disable the Facebook Login Feature from config.php file

    1.7 (25.7.2011)

    • Fixed a bug when an error message was shown while updating user page picture
    • Updated user page UI
    • Removed updates folder
    • Updated files/folders structure
    • Removed unneeded json returned parameter
    • Added a WWW variable to manage better the URLs
    • Buttons border radius is now 3% down from 10%, also box shadow and background gradient has changed.
    • Integrating the popup forms in your pages is now even more easier with the functions added that replaced the html code.
    • You can now show pages via 3 ways.
      • Slide In/Out
      • Fade In/Out
      • Hide Page, show loader and show the page
    • Updated Documentation

    1.6b (5.7.2011)

    • Fixed Activation/Resent activation bug when admin set to approve accounts

    1.6a (31.6.2011)

    • Updated Documentation
    • General code fixes
    • Added the ability to approve the accounts first before the user can log in.

    1.6 (30.6.2011)

    • Updated Documentation
    • Added Administration Panel to manage add,edit,delete users,activate,deactivate manually
    • View user statistics
    • Added picture system so users can upload their picture in their profile

    1.5 (28.6.2011)

    • Updated Documentation
    • Updated user email activation hash(was not visible on email on prev versions)!
    • Now to view user page you get to a new page

    1.4 (27.6.2011)

    • Updated Documentation

    1.3 (26.6.2011)

    • Added Retype Password on user Settings page
    • -Reworked index page and now requires only one function to get it up and working!

    1.2 (21.6.2011)

    • Updated the javascript code and splitted it into 2 plugins and one main file that executes the code.
    • First plugin executes the Ajax calls
    • Second plugin triggers the popup window and sliding of the pages
    • Updated the backend code and its now using OOP
    • Added Documentation and Changelog
    • Added User Page when logged in
    • Added Resent activation code system
    • Fancy animated error message

    1.0 (18.6.2011)

    • Initial Release of the script

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28 June 11

Last Update:
14 March 14

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL

Software Version:
PHP 4.x, PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 - 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x


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