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PHP Scripts / Miscellaneous

Ajax Tables

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Ajax Tables - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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This script is the ajax version of our Advanced tables script. The result is that this script can work with much more data. It even can handle a database with more than 300,000 records.



  • Fixed json_encode problem for PHP versions smaller than 5.3
  • Fixed wrong source reference in Example script
  • Added feature to only search in specific columns (see PDF documentation page 6 “searchColumns” parameter)
  • Fixed last row search result problem


  • Fixed error when there are no records
  • Optitional UTF8 ( $Driver->SetCharset(“utf8”); )
  • Group by problem fixed


  • Added feature to hide columns (see documentation end of page 3)
  • Fixed wrong rows number in footer
  • Add a css class name based on row data (see documentation page 5)
  • Added parameter to add previous next navigation buttons
  • Solved default ordering problem
  • Second parameter in a converter holds now the table row information.


  • Sorting columns (disable sorting on specific columns)
  • Manipulate table cells with converters (php functions/objects)
  • Live search field
  • Tested with on database with more than 300,000 records.
  • Pagination
  • Works on MySQL database. (CSV and other datasources are planned for next versions)
  • Multiple instances on one page.
  • Automaticly sort on column x on page load
  • Automaticly open page x on page load
  • Choose how many rows per page
  • Cross browser
  • Alternating row colors
  • Degrades for users with javascript disabled

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9 November 09

Last Update:
9 November 09

Compatible Browsers:
Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari

Files Included:

Software Framework:

Software Version:
PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x


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