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PHP Scripts / Miscellaneous

AJAX System Status Checker

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AJAX System Status Checker - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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The System Status Checker allows you to easily check the status of a number of services running on various different servers. It uses javascript (AJAX) to dynamically refresh the list of statuses so that the statuses are always up to date.

It also records the outcome of each status request and stores it in a text file (no need for databases!) so that you can display simple statistics.

This script allows you to:

  • Specify the messages provided when a service is found to be available or unavailable
  • Customise what information is displayed to the user
  • Customise what port numbers run what service, and what they it provides to the user. Allowing you to easily convey problems they may encounter if a service is down.
  • Record status requests and the outcome of the system status.
  • Display the date of the last downtime.
  • Display the uptime percentage

Setting up this script is a breeze. Servers and services are defined in a CSV configuration file, which makes it very simple to edit.

The timeout for connections, whether to display IP addresses, whether the protocol is shown in the title and the headers and other settings are all conveniently changeable in a central configuration file.

This script is coded to output valid XHTML 1.0 (Strict) and uses CSS. The PHP files themselves are clearly laid out, and fully commented – making adjustments and personalisation easy. Dynamic page loading uses jQuery (hosted by Google to ensure quick loading)

This script is perfect for those of you who run a number of servers, or wish to check a number of different servers and services. No programming knowledge is required and no knowledge of the server’s configuration is necessary.


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30 December 09

Last Update:
30 December 09

Compatible Browsers:
Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8, Opera, Safari

Files Included:
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP

Software Framework:

Software Version:
PHP 4.x


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