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Affiliate’s Pal

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About Affiliate’s Pal

Affiliate’s Pal is a WordPress plugin, that helps you to put a csv file (products feed) into your WordPress based affiliate website without any effort very quickly and comfortable.

Some of the best features of Affiliate’s Pal is that you can define some post templates, and then all your imported posts will use that template to get a perfect look, just the way you want.

It works perfect with csv files from CJ affiliate network, but theoretically, it works with every affiliate network that can export product feeds in Excel or csv format.

I’ve tested it with CJ affiliate network feeds and 2Performant network feeds, with the latest WordPress.


After downloading, upload the zip file into your WordPress site. To do this, go to WordPress admin area -> Plugins -> Add new -> Upload -> Browse. Select the zip file and hit Install Now. In a few moments, you get the message “Plugin installed successfully.” Click “Activate Plugin” and the installation process is finished.

Important: If you do not success with your installation, or you think that you cant do it, we will be glad to install it for you, at no extra charge. We will need a user account in your WordPress website, with administrator credentials for this task.

How to use

After installation, on the left side of the menu in the admin area, you will find a sub-menu “Affiliate’s Pal”. Click on it, and the wizard-based system will start… You will be asked to provide the csv file, upload it and then click next and follow the wizard until it finishes to import your products.

Help & How to movie

We also have a movie that shows exactly this process, of how to use this plugin. Take a few moments and please watch the movie.

You can also download extra documentation from our site

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5 September 12

Last Update:
5 September 12

Software Version:
WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.1, WordPress 3.0, jQuery

Files Included:


affiliate, csv to wordpress, feeds importer, product importer, products feed