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Advanced BOT Detection & Notification

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Advanced BOT Detection & Notification - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Simple PHP Class (OOP based) to detect as many bots you like


Want to Detect Bot? Want to know When they visit you? Easy!

Yes – It detects web crawlers/bots. Right now it supports 175 bots. You can extend the list anytime :) It is very flexible!

Advanced Bot Detection & Notifier – Notifies you via email whenever particular bot visits – You can set particular both to target notification

  • Detects bots – you can extend the list of bots
  • Selected Bot(s) Notification via Email
  • Allow/Disallow Bot(s).
  • Examples included
  • Easy to Use.
  • Lightweight.
  • Well Documented.
  • Many Examples included.
  • Uses standard PHP – No additional extension support needed.
  • Detection – Minimum 2 Line of Code.
  • Very Flexible – You can specify your custom detection routine.
  • Extendible Bots List.
  • Comprehensive List of Bots included (Approx. 175 bots).
  • Ease of Integration.
  • Highly Readable Code.
  • Self Explanatory.
  • Fully OOP based – PHP 5
  • Ease to Test – Builtin Support for Testing.

Addons – Free

  • Comprehensive List of Robots


Following are the quick examples:

Generic Example

 $oBot = new clsBot(); try { if($oBot->Detect()->isDetected()) { echo "<strong>Bot Detected! Bot: </strong> ". $oBot->getBot(); } else { echo "<strong>No Bot Detected</strong>"; } }catch(Exception $ex){echo $ex->getMessage();} 

Bot Black-Listed/Allowed?

 $oBot = new clsBot(); $oBot->setBlackList(array('link')); if($oBot->isBlackListed()) { // do what ever you want to do! //Example: die('You are not allowed to utilize our resources'); } 

Bot Notification

 $oBot = new clsBot(); $oBot->setNotificationList(array("googlebot", "yahoo", "ask", "bing", "msn", "teoma")); $oBot->Notify('[email protected]', '[email protected]'); 

Helper Methods

 $oBot = new clsBot(); if($oBot->isGoogleBot()) { echo "Google's Bot Detected"; } if($oBot->isYahoo()) { echo "Yahoo's Bot Detected"; } if($oBot->isTeoma()) { echo "Teoma's Bot Detected"; } 

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5 August 11

Last Update:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
PHP 5.x


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