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Adults Only Age Verification System

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Adults Only Age Verification System - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Run an Adult website? You need Adults Only Age Verification System! Adults Only protects your site from being viewed by under aged person’s by verifying their birth day, as well optionally getting them to agree to your sites agreement. Here is a list of features that Adults Only boasts:

Multiple verification methods. Simple links, input fields, or a drop down. We have all the bases covered. We also allow you to easily reorder the forms to your liking. For example: Is your site based in Australia? Easily change the form order to DD/MM/YYYY.

Search Engine Optimisation Adults Only allows you to check if it’s really a person who’s trying to access your website, or a search engine’s crawler. If it detects a crawler, it bypasses the age verification system, and lets them do what they came to do. This neat little function allows your site to not be almost completely invisible to search engines(unlike competitors).

Easily integrated Adults Only Age Verification System is easily integrated into your website. It literally takes mere minutes to set up Adults Only Age Verification System to work with your website.

Redirection Easily redirect users upon validation to a better landing page to sell your product, or service. Redirect underaged users to another one of your site that’s a little bit more age appropriate.

Want an intergrated version? The standalone version of Adults Only Age Verification System is great, but if you would prefer a version more suited to the software you’re using, such as Magento, Open Cart, or vBulletin. Please, send me an email. This will let me know that there is an interest for a plugin, or extension. If there is enough interest, I’ll release a version compatible with that software.

WordPress version available. Looking to add an age gate to your WordPress powered website? I’ve got you covered! I made a WordPress version of Adults Only Age Verification System to do exactly that.

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Change log

Version 1.4 July 3rd 2015
  • Optimized botcheck
  • Added IP comparability to botcheck to allow white listing of services that don’t follow best practices. This isn’t recommended and should be avoided(IPs can change at any time)
  • Improved geo location age check. Also expanded the default list of ages to 41, and it now only includes countries that aren’t to 18. As I don’t have the means to test all of those countries some might not be working. Please contact me if they if any aren’t.
  • Changed how age is displayed in themes to support Geo Location.
Version 1.3 November 10th 2013
  • Improved Form Generation.
  • Improved Redirection.
  • Improved documentation, and made it responsive.
  • Added Session support.
  • Added dynamic age based on Geolocation. Countries can be edited, and added to via the config file.
  • Added language file so that you can easily change text not found within the themes.
  • Reorganised folder structure.
  • Reworked the config file. You’ll need to redo your config file when you upgrade.
  • Themes are now responsive.
  • Updated, and merged repeated css into single stylesheet.
  • The page theme is now called separate.
  • Removed a lot of the business logic from the themes.

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4 June 12

Last Update:
3 July 15

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 - 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5


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