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Activehits - Real Time Hit Counter

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Activehits - Real Time Hit Counter - Item for Sale


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No longer supported, a new version is in the works!

- May 31st, 2013

Activehits is not just your average hit counter. It automatically updates as visitors browse your website, for a total count of every hit from every page! Normal hit counters refresh each time you refresh the page yourself, which gives your website another irrelevant hit from you. With Activehits, you no longer need to refresh; you can sit back and watch your hits roll in! With AJAX, anything is possible!

It even works on internet-enabled iDevices!

Activehits uses JavaScript to register each page and load the hit counter, but it will fall back to normal, static PHP hit counting, so even your visitors with JavaScript disabled will still be counted!

By simply slipping a small bit of code on each page you want to track, or by putting it in a global head section that is included on every page, Activehits will count each hit seamlessly and quickly. You can also choose whether to show the hit counter or not, with another small snippet of HTML. The hit counter is displayed as plain text; no images = shorter loading time!

For developers, the code is small and easy to understand, so modification is very easy!

**Please don’t let the not-so-great preview screenshots from purchasing Activehits. I’m not a designer, and the core of Activehits is not based on design. Please check out the live preview in two different internet windows, and refresh one of them to see the other automatically update!

Known Issues

Activehits is known for bugging oddly in Internet Explorer 9. I am investigating, and it will probably result in a re-program. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Requirements: PHP

Note: The preview might say in some browsers that is phishing or something like that. This is because my actual domain just expired, and I’m running it off of the subdomain now. There’s no phishing of any kind on the preview:)

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28 June 11

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28 June 11

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