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Mobile / iOS

A Business Template Universal Edition

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A Business Template Universal Edition - Item for Sale


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„A Business Template – Universal Edition“ is a clean and elegant iOS5+ App Template to get your content or data-driven App started (including a full XCode Project, PSD files with Slicy support, App Icon PSD’s, Launch Image PSD’s, Icon Samples and pre-sliced Assets, iPad & iPhone ready).

Well suited for bloggers as well! Turn your Wordpress blog into a native iOS app with very little effort.

This template is also ideal for people who want to learn how to fully customize the tab and navbar (Appearance API).

It’s easy to replace the images in the XCode project with your own images or make changes to the main PSD file and use the Slicy app to recreate images.

Looking for an iPhone only version?

System Requirements

- MacOSX 10.7 or higher (it will not work on Windows or Linux / iOS Development is OSX only)

- XCode 4.3 or higher (can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store) and Mobile Device Framework

- XCode Command line tools (see “Components tab of the Downloads preferences panel in XCode”). This is important! If you are having issues compiling, please install the Command line tools, make a clean build and remove and reinstall the app!

- iOS SDK 5.0 and higher (the app won’t work on older versions of iOS)

- Photoshop CS3 or higher if you want to edit the PSD (optional, not necessary for running the code)

- Slicy App for Mac (optional)

What can this App Template be used for?

- It can be used as a starting point for new projects

- For a quick prototype to present an idea to a customer for instance

- As a learning object or sample project for novice developers

- To extract something that is useful to you like the custom tab bar for instance

- To learn how to structure a PSD for app designs

What’s included in this download?

- A clean and clearly structured main PSD file optimized for use with Slicy, separate PSD’s for the Launch Image Sizes (iPhone & iPad) and App Icons

- Sliced images (Standard res + Retina)

- Sample launch screen (iPhone Standard res + Retina 3,5 & 4 inch, iPad Standard Res + Retina Portrait & Landscape)

- Two sample App Icons in various sizes (Standard res + Retina) (with PSD)

- Fully working XCode Project (iOS5+, iOS6 ready, ARC, no Storyboard)

Features of the App

- Custom Tab Bar / Nav Bar

- Lists (News, Shops etc. just customize to use for your own content)

- Map View with custom Pin and custom Callout View

- Use of Twitter Framework


- Generic Buttons (with Edge Insets)

- Configurable RSS/Atom feed support (in News List)

- Configurable News Detail View (either Plaintext or HTML Content)

- Offline support for News List

- Universal App (iPhone & iPad optimized)

- iOS6 / iPhone5 ready

Please note: If you want to install the App Template on your personal iPhone/iPad, you’ll need to provide your own developer certificate and development provisioning profile and configure the project settings accordingly (see Code Signing section)

If you need a backend or push messaging for use with this app template, please contact me.

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1 January 13

Last Update:
1 January 13

Files Included:
.h, .m, .pch, .xib/.nib, Layered PSD

Mobile OS:
IOS 5.0, IOS 5.1, IOS 6.0


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